Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog!!


Four WWII Soldiers Holding up a translucent American Flag at sundown.  The sun  behind the flag creates a semi-silhouette of the four war weary soldiers.  Clouds, sun, and sand complete the picture.  All soldiers are in uniform with helmets and rifles, boots etc.


Hi! My name’s Ashley, and on this blog I will be posting weekly essays during the school year and stories and poems as often as possible, as well as any other post on a random topic. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell tell me how I can improve my blog!





Yesterday I had extra time in the middle of my class so I doodled this:

I was inspired by Emmy. As a practiced eye can tell, it has 1900’s fenders. I showed it to my dad and he proclaimed it a “Hummer H-2”. Looking at it more closely, I guess I kinda did draw a Hummer, which I think is pretty cool. 🙂 Tell me what you think!


My Scarves

Hey, y’all! Over the past weeks life’s been pretty crazy around here! I’m cramming high school and college together and starting next week I’ll also be studying for my ACT exam (taken in December).

But, in between all that, (and during 🙂 ) I have managed to knit five scarves. After multiple requests from my fellow students I have decided to unveil my masterpieces!! 😀 The’re kinda amateurish but my family loves them.

This first one I gave to my mom. It’s my favorite.

  It’s super soft and fuzzy. I hit the jackpot with the yarn.

This next one is my sister’s (Baroque Myriam). It came out better than the other ones for some reason; the rest all have “stripes” on the ends. 🙂 Continue reading