Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog!!


Hi! My name’s Ashley, and on this blog I will be posting my art, photographs, stories and poetry. I will also, hopefully, write articles about random topics. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell tell me how I can improve my blog!




Daily Picture #117

A perfect rose. It’s my favorite flower–and my middle name. 🙂

Ocean Sunset

I’m really pleased with this one. It’s not exactly realistic–the sand is too yellow for a sunset, but besides that it’s really good. I love how the grasses came out. For this one I used pastel crayon as well as pencil, which allowed for greater detail.

Bottom Left Corner Detail
Bottom Right Corner Detail
Sun Detail


Ocean Cliff

This is a pastel drawing I did some time back. Ignore the cliff, please, and zoom in on the ship. 😀 I’m pretty proud of it, despite the mess I made of the rocky cliff, but whatever. Nothing’s perfect. I’ll make a better one next time. 🙂





The darker one is more true to the real color, but I stuck both on because you can see different features of the drawing better in both lights.