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Here’s a really awesome picture my sister made:

Trump forever! Let’s Make America Great Again!




Happy Veterans Day!


May our Vets always be respected, honored and loved.

May they get the care they need under the new Trump administration.

May they never more be ridiculed and blamed for the faults of the people higher up, as they were in Vietnam.

May we always have a salute ready, and the star-spangled banner within reach, that we may show them we appreciate them.

May the endless wars stop and the killing of our men end.

May Trump use the lives of our men wisely, that we lose a few as possible.

May we start to WIN again!!!

God Bless the Vets!!




Making America Great Again!

Another well stated summary of America’s great victory!
Go Trump!!!!! Save America!!!!!


Baroque Myriam

Yesterday, November 8th, 2016, the American people rose up against corruption, dishonesty and un-Americanism to save our wonderful nation. Donald J. Trump is now president-elect. We now have a chance to restore American values, keep our way of life, protect our country, and in Mr. Trump’s words, “Make America rich again, make America safe again, and make America great again!”

Two years ago, it was but a dream that we could have a president like Mr. Trump. It’s now a reality and I couldn’t be happier. Thank God for Mr. Trump, thank God for our beautiful nation. God Bless America forever!

Donald Trump’s victory speech:

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God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

Last night we, the American people, whose voice has been oppressed for so long, have scored a victory. It is a historic victory. A victory of freedom!!! Once and for all, the leftist establishment and the media have been left speechless by the monster vote: the “uneducated” middle class, the everyday Americans that came out to vote and they said plenty.


Now we have a president we can be proud of! We have a president who will take care of us! We have a president who, God willing, will Make America Great Again!!!!!!


On January 20th, a new era will begin. It will be a struggle. President Trump will be fighting hard and we have to stand with him. I really, really hope that he can get all these corrupt people of the Clinton machine and indict them or at least get them out.

After a very long time, we at last have a vision of hope! A vision of Freedom!!!!! God Bless the Unites States of America and President-elect Trump!!!


Ashley, a Deplorable

A Republic Saved

A Republic Saved

This was wonderfully stated! I think it really says how important this election was for America and the world. God Bless the United States!


Stephen Huband

November 8th, 2016, this nation was thrust upon the edge of a precipice, up to the neck in corruption and bound with the chains of tyranny. It seemed as if there was no help, no salvation; no chance remained for this land to remain free.

This changed, as at approximately 1:30 A.M. of the following day, victory was assured. Donald J. Trump had won.

This great stroke of Providence, this opportune reprieve, was surely the hand of God; we must be eternally grateful to our Maker. This election, as Trump put so elegantly, was “not a campaign, but a movement.”

The movement’s motto? “Make America Great Again!”

It’s philosophy is one of liberty, nationalism, truth and hope. It is one of justice, of the rule of law. It is a philosophy of “we the people,”upon the principles of Almighty God. Donald Trump, with all his faults, has resurrected the…

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