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A turkey in the oven,

Family you see at last,

Leaves and squash

And pumpkins fat.


Dinner and candles,

Potatoes and berries,

Candlelight soft and warm.

What more could you want

This special day,

Today, with Thanksgiving cheer.


I give thanks for my life,

Opportunities come and gone,

Places I’ve been, people I’ve met.

What more could anyone ask? Continue reading “Thanksgiving”


Happy Valentine’s Day

Roses spring from vases wide,

Scattering petals through the tide.

Boxes of chocolate arrive at your door,

With ribbons a’dancin’ to the floor.


‘Tis a day of love, a day of joy,

A day when one heart speaks to another.

A day of rest and quiet fun,

As he says “I love you.”


A little note expressing thanks,

A vase of flowers saying hi.

A hug, a kiss, a little grin,

It’s Valentine’s Day today!


Hi, readers! The title might turn you off, but please bear with me! I wrote this poem out of the blue, not even intending it to end up like this. The rhyming and rhythm surprised me.  I originally wasn’t going to publish this but it came out better than I expected. Enjoy!

Who ever knew

Your secret thought?

Who ever dreamed

Your secret came to naught?


Your life is full of “ifs”,

“Buts”, “Ooohs” and “Aaahs”.

Where’s the rock of your youth?

You seemed so sure of yourself…… Continue reading “Suicide”

The Seasons

Autumn comes when the wind blows hard,

Rustling, roaring through the trees.

Autumn comes when the broad leaves fall,

Gently, swiftly to the ground.


Winter comes when the snow falls thick,

Swishing softly through the air.

Winter comes when the cold air stings,

Turning your cheeks to a rosy red.


Spring comes when the snow all melts,

Truckling, rushing down the hillside.

Spring comes when the buds peek up,

Pushing softly to the light.  Continue reading “The Seasons”

New York

New York is big and very busy.

With scrapers to the sky.

When I go there I get all dizzy

Because the’re so very high.


New York is straight and honest and strong,

It is the eastern gate.

Come all now and join the throng,

It is a turn of fate.


Taxis wheel and weave and twist,

As they charge like cavaliers.

The buses come, they can’t be missed!

As they go through the city’s tiers.  Continue reading “New York”