Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog!!


Four WWII Soldiers Holding up a translucent American Flag at sundown.  The sun  behind the flag creates a semi-silhouette of the four war weary soldiers.  Clouds, sun, and sand complete the picture.  All soldiers are in uniform with helmets and rifles, boots etc.


Hi! My name’s Ashley, and on this blog I will be posting weekly essays during the school year and stories and poems as often as possible, as well as any other post on a random topic. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell tell me how I can improve my blog!





  1. I’ve upgraded my blog a little bit more. I also reached 110 views instead of 100 views so I put two videos and one gallery. Later this week I will put the posts and instead of two more books I will put more of the chapter of Dragon Spirit. Oh and I forgot that I put a new smiley face: 😛

    My Blog is: sbessays.wordpress.com



  2. Hi Ashley I haven’t been on your blog for a long time. My family just moved so that’s why. I still need to put some posts on. Today we are unpacking the Truck. I am so excited especially that I can sleep on a bed and not on the ground. I will also be putting some pictures of the cats and the dog. Do you live in Utah.

    If you have forgotten my address to my blog it is: sbessays.wordpress.com


          1. Hey Ashley, this is Esther. This is my first time visiting your blog. I was scrolling down the comments, and I just got so excited when I saw that you live in Montana. Montana happens to be one of my favorite states, and somewhere I rarely get to visit. I also have lots of relatives there.


  3. Hey I was wondering, how did you keep your “Hello everybody and welcome to my blog” post to stay at the top? usually the posts get pushed down when you write more posts… sorry it is a little hard to explain my question… 🙂


    1. That’s okay, I understand. It’s what’s called a ‘sticky post’. When you write a post, on the right hand side, above the button that says “Publish” There are three options: “Publish immediately”, “Visibility: Public” and “Status: Draft.” Click on the edit button on the end of “Visibility public.” Then click the box that says “Stick this post to the front page.” And there you go! Hope this helps!



    1. Hi, Sarah! You go to the “Settings” category on the left side of your Dashboard, and yu hover over that and click on “General.” On the bottom, above the “Language” option, there is a box that you can click that says “Snow until January 4th.” Click that and it will snow on your blog until January 4th. Hope this helps!!


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  4. Could you tell me specifically what is difficult about it? I’m happy to change, but I’d need to know exactly what it is. Is it the theme, the menu or the content?


    P.S. Is it okay if I approve your comment?


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