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The Free Market or the Welfare State?

Which promotes greater personal responsibility, the free market or the welfare state?

It’s almost too easy—the free market, of course. Why? Because the welfare state creates dependency and even greater need than the need it is trying to solve. The free market offers opportunity, a chance to create something all your own, something made out of your own two hands, so to speak. That, in essence, is what America is all about—the need and joy of entrepreneurship. The joy of making it on your own and the realization of personal freedom, from which stems your creativity and ability to fulfill your dreams.

The welfare state, on the other hand, deprives people of the ability to live for themselves. It eradicates the bustle of entrepreneurial ideas. Instead of the welfare state, which only temporarily reprieves a situation, there is a far greater need for the bringing up of people—the raising of self-esteem and courage and honor, which in turn naturally leads to a desire to fend for yourself. Once that is accomplished, you can gradually turn off the tap on welfare, until the people are standing on their own two feet, proud and free once more. Continue reading “The Free Market or the Welfare State?”


The State: Good or Bad?

The question for this essay is this: “If the state is strong enough to do something good for you, can it also do something bad to you?”

This statement is very, very true. The state claims it’s doing the best it can by providing welfare and food stamps, etc. All this (made worse by the Obama years) simply and inexcusably makes the people worse off than before.


By providing welfare and all that other stuff that makes people dependent, you are essentially setting a mindset: you are telling the people that the government is your only hope, that you can never make it on your own and that you cannot make your fortune or money or whatever it is that they are providing, yourself.

That is one of the biggest, fattest lies I’ve ever heard. Continue reading “The State: Good or Bad?”