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A turkey in the oven,

Family you see at last,

Leaves and squash

And pumpkins fat.


Dinner and candles,

Potatoes and berries,

Candlelight soft and warm.

What more could you want

This special day,

Today, with Thanksgiving cheer.


I give thanks for my life,

Opportunities come and gone,

Places I’ve been, people I’ve met.

What more could anyone ask? Continue reading “Thanksgiving”


Term Paper: English II

English II: Western Literature to 1492 was an enlightening course filled with early Christian mysticism, intriguing dialogues and a valuable insight into the lives and culture of the ancient and early Christian world. As a completion for this course, I was asked to write a term paper on this topic: “Are Boccaccio’s Decameron and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales closer in outlook to Greek and Roman literature than they are to Hebrew, Christian and medieval literature?

Boccaccio’s Decameron was the story of the Black Death, a plague that swept through Europe multiple times, destroying over two-thirds of the population. In this book, Boccaccio constantly pointed fingers at the clergy and the Church. He demeaned the friars and the priests, accusing them of immoral practices. He didn’t focus at all on the glory of God and man’s inability to accomplish anything without him.

This was completely contrary to the view that was portrayed in medieval literature, which focused on God far more that any Renaissance work ever did.

As far as it goes compared to Hebrew and Christian literature, it’s night and day. Boccaccio expressed a view of Man vs. the Church, something completely contrary to the Christian and Hebrew texts. And instead of a focus on the intense, immovable piety of man through the Church, it focused on individualism and the nit-picking of everyday life. Continue reading “Term Paper: English II”


Hi, readers! The title might turn you off, but please bear with me! I wrote this poem out of the blue, not even intending it to end up like this. The rhyming and rhythm surprised me.  I originally wasn’t going to publish this but it came out better than I expected. Enjoy!

Who ever knew

Your secret thought?

Who ever dreamed

Your secret came to naught?


Your life is full of “ifs”,

“Buts”, “Ooohs” and “Aaahs”.

Where’s the rock of your youth?

You seemed so sure of yourself…… Continue reading “Suicide”

John Thompson

John Thompson was a black man who lived in slavery for all of his early life. He escaped when he was in his twenties, so he saw and knew the entire system. This adds interest into his autobiography and it excites the sympathy of the reader.

He grew up surrounded by hardship. His sister was sold when he was very young. He describes how sad his mother was. It is a touching scene.

He described the beatings and whippings that took place almost daily, depending on the master. He got whipped a few times. His mother got whipped. His father got whipped. His descriptions are vividly horrific. If it truly was like that, I can understand why the Civil War was fought.

He learned to read when he was a young boy. He carried the books of a white boy to school, and the white boy taught him how to read and write. This later proved both useful and life-threatening. Continue reading “John Thompson”