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My Summer Camp

Hello readers! This summer I went to my first camp ever: a transportation/engineering camp at my local university, MSU (Montana State University). As you might guess from the name of the camp, I learned mostly about the different kinds of transportation. I learned from one end of the scale to the other; from going on an airplane ride (my first ever, so that was really, really cool!) to learning about the different layers they use to make a road.

It was great because I discovered that I never want to become a traffic engineer! It’s tedious and boring work, let me tell you! We also learned a little bit about the different kinds of engineering, most of which I already knew; but it was a good refresher.

There were eighteen other kids besides my sister and myself. It was fun playing with them in the evenings and talking with them during our extensive walks through campus. Continue reading “My Summer Camp”


Three Engineering Fields

Engineering is a very broad topic. There are many different fields under the ‘engineer’ canopy. A few of these are:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Robotics engineering
  • Systems engineering

Electrical engineering deals with electricity, technology and materials to create new objects such as microchips. Electrical engineers work in a range from a tiny computer chip to a wind turbine.  All the technology that is connected with electronics is made by the electrical engineers, from the personal computer to the high-tech machines in an emergency room. Continue reading “Three Engineering Fields”