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There was once a time, close to a thousand years ago, when the world was made up of so many small states that they were practically innumerable. Many were city-states. Some were fiefdoms. And some were actual “countries” ruled over by a king.

Germany is a perfect example. Close to the year 1000 it was divided up into hundreds of little pieces, each ruled individually. Over time, and through a new consciousness (globalism), it was gradually centralized. Small kingdoms were combined and joined to others to make a bigger and bigger state. Soon there was one Germany, a centralized Germany. A Germany in which places and cultures and language were merged into one, sometimes against the will of the people.

A fairly common misconception is that larger countries are bad. Smaller countries can do so much better, etc. Larger countries are not bad! Heck, look at America! It’s one of the biggest countries in the world and we seem to be doing pretty good. But it is undeniable that smaller countries do have certain advantages that larger countries simply cannot possess because of sheer size. Continue reading “Decentralization”


Government Role in Intervention

It is a question that has long been asked by conservatives, liberals and other political classes: Does government intervention improve working conditions?

Some, particularly libertarians, say that it absolutely does not! According to them, the government should be the size of a pinhead with about that much authority.

Others say the government should micro-manage everything that goes on. According to this group, the government should be large and hold a lot of authority.

Which is right? Is there not a happy medium?

The preface of the Constitution provides an adequate answer:

“We the people of the United States of America, in order to form a more perfect union, establish domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and gain the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Continue reading “Government Role in Intervention”

The Free Market or the Welfare State?

Which promotes greater personal responsibility, the free market or the welfare state?

It’s almost too easy—the free market, of course. Why? Because the welfare state creates dependency and even greater need than the need it is trying to solve. The free market offers opportunity, a chance to create something all your own, something made out of your own two hands, so to speak. That, in essence, is what America is all about—the need and joy of entrepreneurship. The joy of making it on your own and the realization of personal freedom, from which stems your creativity and ability to fulfill your dreams.

The welfare state, on the other hand, deprives people of the ability to live for themselves. It eradicates the bustle of entrepreneurial ideas. Instead of the welfare state, which only temporarily reprieves a situation, there is a far greater need for the bringing up of people—the raising of self-esteem and courage and honor, which in turn naturally leads to a desire to fend for yourself. Once that is accomplished, you can gradually turn off the tap on welfare, until the people are standing on their own two feet, proud and free once more. Continue reading “The Free Market or the Welfare State?”

Price Controls Are People Controls

What are price controls? What are people controls? More importantly, what’s the difference?

Politicians will tell you the’re the same. Votes are what counts for them and if they told you the truth they’d never get elected. But politicians are all talk, no action anyway. So who trusts them anymore?

A price control is a people control. By controlling the prices of food, you control how the store-owners regulate their prices and you control how the people buy their food, thereby controlling one of the most essential things in human life.

By controlling the prices, you control how people act and live, thereby depriving them of the essential freedom of living life freely, without unwanted outside interference. Continue reading “Price Controls Are People Controls”

Good Guy Turned Bad?

A certain boy grows up in a small town in Kentucky. His parents raise him to be honest and moral and he grows up in good standing in the community. As he gets older, he marries, becomes involved in various community programs and overall earns himself the name and reputation of Mr. Goodguy.

The people of the district, seeing what an honest, stolid individual this is, convince him to run for a seat in the state’s senate. Obligingly, Mr. Goodguy agrees. He wins. His campaign message was from the prospect of any ordinary citizen: Reduce taxes, regulations, etc.

He arrives in the capital and is immediately befriended by an affable Southerner lobbyist named Jack. Jack takes him out, invites him to his private hunting lodge and overall gradually works himself into Mr. Goodguy’s confidence. Once there, he proceeds to blow a lot of his political rat’s nest into Mr. Goodguy’s ear. Being trusting and a bit naïve, Mr. Goodguy readily accepts this and starts to vote on bills that he wouldn’t have if he had stuck to his own ideology. But, being drawn into the net, he starts turning the other way and before he can realize what he’s done, he’s neck deep with all the other politicians and has forgotten his campaign promises.

Meanwhile, back home, the folks are starting to talk. What happened to Mr. Goodguy? He’s voting on all the wrong bills!! Continue reading “Good Guy Turned Bad?”

Happy Veterans Day!


May our Vets always be respected, honored and loved.

May they get the care they need under the new Trump administration.

May they never more be ridiculed and blamed for the faults of the people higher up, as they were in Vietnam.

May we always have a salute ready, and the star-spangled banner within reach, that we may show them we appreciate them.

May the endless wars stop and the killing of our men end.

May Trump use the lives of our men wisely, that we lose a few as possible.

May we start to WIN again!!!

God Bless the Vets!!