State Subsidized Education & State Subsidized Churches

What’s the difference between state-subsidized churches and state-subsidized schools?

The difference is that churches, with exceptions of course, are not the absolute key to an individual’s intelligence and ability to conduct himself in the world with status and courage, endowed with the spirit of self-esteem and knowledge. Education is. Churches are important spiritually, a large factor in any individual’s life. However, without proper schooling, complete and fair, the individual does not have the foundation upon which to build his personality, opinions and political and moral standpoints.

Therefore, state-subsidized schools are more dangerous than state-subsidized churches in the sense that they form more of a child’s consciousness. In effect, they are the impacting factor in a child’s life. The child is in school more than he is with his parents and in church combined. Therefore the influence exercised upon him will have far greater effect than any his parents or pastor would have upon him.

Education is a very important factor in everyone’s life. Learning does not end with a university degree. The difference is that now the education is choice and according to each one’s personal taste.

Church is ingrained in an individual since birth, pretty much. It has a profound impact upon him and it should. Church is an important factor in anyone’s life. A balance is maintained between this world and the other, a balance necessary to complete life as one should.

The state should not control the education of any child without the review and consent of the parents as to material, worldview and political bias. Education forms a child’s person. It is the basis of success or failure. Choose well.


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