Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s four freedoms are famous across this country, perhaps across the world. They have been widely accepted as a true statement of what America should be. But do they really promote liberty?

The first is the Freedom of Speech and Expression. This is a true freedom, without which we could and would not survive as Americans. Or, for that matter, as any kind of free being with self-esteem.

The second is Freedom of Worship, also an essential freedom. Both of these are in accord with our founding documents, as stated in the Bill of Rights.

The third is Freedom from Want. Is this a legitimate government-enforced freedom? My answer is No. It is the government’s duty to ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare. It is not the duty of the government to provide the kind of freedom from want that Roosevelt described. This impinges on American rights and it should not ever be enforced.

The fourth is Freedom from Fear. As far as protection of the country as a whole, the government should absolutely protect the nation and thus provide a certain amount of freedom from fear. However, when the government starts talking about gun rights and such ways of promoting freedom from fear, it starts overstepping its boundaries and should not be allowed to restrict the people in such a manner.

The last two freedoms are not freedoms. They are simply age-old arguments of restriction, regulation and government control under yet another disguise. They should not ever be enforced.


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