Good Guy Turned Bad?

A certain boy grows up in a small town in Kentucky. His parents raise him to be honest and moral and he grows up in good standing in the community. As he gets older, he marries, becomes involved in various community programs and overall earns himself the name and reputation of Mr. Goodguy.

The people of the district, seeing what an honest, stolid individual this is, convince him to run for a seat in the state’s senate. Obligingly, Mr. Goodguy agrees. He wins. His campaign message was from the prospect of any ordinary citizen: Reduce taxes, regulations, etc.

He arrives in the capital and is immediately befriended by an affable Southerner lobbyist named Jack. Jack takes him out, invites him to his private hunting lodge and overall gradually works himself into Mr. Goodguy’s confidence. Once there, he proceeds to blow a lot of his political rat’s nest into Mr. Goodguy’s ear. Being trusting and a bit naïve, Mr. Goodguy readily accepts this and starts to vote on bills that he wouldn’t have if he had stuck to his own ideology. But, being drawn into the net, he starts turning the other way and before he can realize what he’s done, he’s neck deep with all the other politicians and has forgotten his campaign promises.

Meanwhile, back home, the folks are starting to talk. What happened to Mr. Goodguy? He’s voting on all the wrong bills!!

It comes to the point where they’re completely fed up. They trusted Mr. Goodguy and he broke that trust. So now, instead of supporting him in the upcoming election, they have found a new guy to support—Mr. Trustworthy. Mr. Trustworthy runs against Mr. Goodguy and wins. The problem of Mr. Goodguy is solved, for the present.

The question is simple: Is this legitimate? Should the group in this legislator’s district have recruited someone to run against him after monitoring his votes?

The answer is a ringing YES! We are Americans and in this free country we get to choose who we elect and who decides what laws we live under. If one guy turns sour, we’ll try the next and hope for the best. It is democracy in action: You keep your campaign promises and you get re-elected. You fail and you’re out.


Tell me what you think!

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