Month: July 2017

A Knitted Heart

Hey, folks! Thought I’d post a picture of a heart I knitted. The green stitch at the bottom is just decoration. Let me know what you think!


Political, Policial Issues

The subject of law enforcement officers has become rather heated ever since then-candidate Donald Trump stuck his neck out for the boys in blue. In keeping with the trend, I’d like to propose a question: Should the police be allowed to enforce a politician’s verbal restriction against making a video of him at an open meeting?

First, what the heck is a politician doing at an open meeting if he doesn’t want to be filmed? If he didn’t want to be filmed, he could have gone to a closed-cabinet meeting with a few select individuals and talked his head off for two hours while his audience gradually fell asleep.

But instead he chose to go to an open meeting. He probably thought he could make an exception and ask the people not to film him. Instead, the film-hungry population took it into their heads to video as many politicians as they could squeeze onto an SD card. They disregarded the politician’ wheedling pleas and shot away, clicking from so many different angles that he felt he was in a virtual electrical storm. Continue reading “Political, Policial Issues”