The State: Good or Bad?

The question for this essay is this: “If the state is strong enough to do something good for you, can it also do something bad to you?”

This statement is very, very true. The state claims it’s doing the best it can by providing welfare and food stamps, etc. All this (made worse by the Obama years) simply and inexcusably makes the people worse off than before.


By providing welfare and all that other stuff that makes people dependent, you are essentially setting a mindset: you are telling the people that the government is your only hope, that you can never make it on your own and that you cannot make your fortune or money or whatever it is that they are providing, yourself.

That is one of the biggest, fattest lies I’ve ever heard.

You can and do have the power to shape your life howsoever you please. You’ve heard that before. That includes shaping your money-life and how you deal with your monetary situation.

Drawing from this (and assuming it’s all correct) you can only conclude that the government is not, actually, helping you that much.

BUT, without welfare and food stamps, many people would starve or at least have to do a heck of a lot more to get enough food on the table. Therefore the government cannot suddenly cut these unavoidable resources.

Is the problem unsolvable?

You might think so…..but it’s not! If the government would teach the people how to support themselves, they would gradually grow off the welfare. It can do this through better education, a point I made in my last essay, more jobs (high-skilled or not, they are still jobs) and through non-inflation. And then, of course, you can go through all the micro-economical details, but that’s for Wall Street traders with nothing better to do.

Bottom line: The government often does the opposite of what it says, despite the apparent benign attitude. Therefore, though the state does do some good things, it can also hurt you.


Tell me what you think!

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