Online Schooling and the Economy

The question for this essay sounds very simple: “Online education is bad for society because it puts classroom teachers out of work.” At first glance you say, “Yeah, that’s right. Teachers don’t have work anymore.” But if you look closer, you see more possibilities that may outweigh this fact.

For instance: Someone has to make the information in the online curriculum. That person has to be knowledgeable. In all probability, this person will be a teacher, or someone who could potentially function as a teacher. That replaces one or more of the jobs which would be taken away.

Also, online curriculums are not mainstream. Therefore, the education is not mainstream. In all likelihood, this means that the education will be more complete and far less biased than the run-of-the-mill education which is taught in public schools. In this case the children will be better educated and will produce more economic benefit for society in general by producing more high-skill jobs.

By producing more high-skill jobs that pay better, they fill in the gap left by the teachers in net economic gain. Therefore, it is a pretty good deal all round.

Public schooling is a benefit to many people since they do not have the time or the money to either homeschool their kids or send them to private school where the education is better. But, and this is a big BUT, public schooling could be a lot, lot better with a little more effort and money. Kids are not robots. They need to be taught to think for themselves and how to conduct themselves and learn such subjects as they need to succeed in the world. The school, in other words, takes over the role of the parent, which I do not agree with.

However, if it is indeed going to fill the capacity of the parent, it is doing a terrible job at it. It’s more like a bad uncle than a parent. All in all, the school system needs a lot of work, as does online schooling. But online schooling has one significant advantage: It enables proper interaction between students, teachers and parents, something which is sorely lacking in modern-day society.


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