Judy the Bunny Tag

Hey, people! So a friend of mine (Leo) has nominated me for her Bunny tag. Thank you, Leo!


-Link back to the person who nominated you and also to the creator of the tag (Me!)
-Answer this question: Why do you like Rabbits?
-Post a cute picture or drawing of a bunny (if it isn’t yours, credit it)
-Write a short story or poem about Judy the bunny
-Post the video Introducing Judy the Bunny
-Nominate up to 20 people and let them now you’ve nominated them

I like rabbits because the’re adorable, the’re always moving, the’re cuddly, smart, trainable and small!

Two adorable bunnies. Credit: Google Images

Judy the bunny

Was so very funny

She hopped and ran

Till all were in stitches.

Then she sat on her paws

And looked up all cute:

“Can I have a carrot?

I made you laugh!”


Video about Leo’s bunny, Judy:

My nominees:





Thanks again, Leo! You’re bunny is sooooo cute!




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