My Journey

My name is Nadia Zhdanov. All through my childhood I lived in Moscow, the capital of Russia. I had lived there ever since I entered the Octobrianks at age eight. For years I was a staunch Communist, fully indoctrinated by the government.

But, as I grew older, I started really thinking about what these people were telling me. I started wondering why Americans seemed so much happier that Russians. I started asking questions of my teachers and parents.

At first I got blank looks and mumbled explanations about how Lenin had already told us everything we need to know. But as I persisted, determined to answer my doubts, they started threatening me, telling me I had to stop. I didn’t understand. Once they sent me to the KGB and had them talk to me. I stopped asking questions.

But my doubts were still there. And as I wandered the grey streets of Moscow, I thought and I wondered.

And one day, as I was walking across the city, I came across a man. His hair was steel-grey and he walked with a stoop. He could have been any ordinary Russian. But as I passed him and nodded a brisk hello, he smiled at me, something ordinary Russians normally didn’t do. I walked on for two more steps, stopped, turned around and ran after him. Impulsively, I grabbed his arm. He turned and looked at me. I was stunned again. His eyes. I had never seen anyone with eyes like that before. They sparkled with life and joy.

“Who are you?” I breathed.

“Nikolas Pravinsky,” he said. His voice rang out clear.

Now I live in America. My parents, my country have all passed out of my life. Nikolas, my savior, was a Believer, a Christian. He taught me to love Jesus. He answered my questions. And after a very long time, I am here, in America. Happy and free. Everything here is richer. Everyone here is happier. Everyone here is so much freer.

God Bless you, Nikolas, wherever you are now. Thank you, my friend.


5 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Is it a complete story or it will have more…………. You write very well. Continue doing it. And one can see you like writing. Good job. Congratulations,


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