Medieval Hymns

There were many medieval hymns that were written by ordinary laymen in the High Middle Ages. These are exemplary works of art, very representative of the time in which they were written.

In almost all of these hymns you see a hierarchy established between God the Father and the people. Jesus is the intermediary to God the Father. And between Jesus and the people there are also intermediaries. For example, in one hymn Mary was placed as an intermediary. In another Peter and Paul were presented as such. In yet another all the apostles along with the prophets of both the Old and the New Testament were intermediaries.

In the age these were written, there was no Protestantism. The pope was seen as the ultimate authority here on earth. He was the representative and successor of Peter on earth. There wasn’t the major division that would come later. The religion was still forming, still young. Jesus was still very present. Only later would that fade and give way to petty arguments, division and selective teaching.


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