Hi, readers! The title might turn you off, but please bear with me! I wrote this poem out of the blue, not even intending it to end up like this. The rhyming and rhythm surprised me.  I originally wasn’t going to publish this but it came out better than I expected. Enjoy!

Who ever knew

Your secret thought?

Who ever dreamed

Your secret came to naught?


Your life is full of “ifs”,

“Buts”, “Ooohs” and “Aaahs”.

Where’s the rock of your youth?

You seemed so sure of yourself……


Now look where life has taken you;

Down paths you never dreamed you’d tread.

The thread of your life seems broken.

Hope fades away……


Your relationships break and wither.

Debt is over-pressing.

Kids rebel; friends desert.

Life never seemed so dark.


It comes to a point,

Fatal and sharp….


Should I take my life?


But WAIT! What AM I THINKING?!?!?!

Have I stooped so low?

Can life destroy me to the end?

Or can I grab a hold?


I realize now what it all was.

I didn’t trust myself.

I needed to know the other side

So I could enjoy my life.


Now I’m old and often sick,

And I think I might die.

But I thank God that

He showed me the way

Out of suicide.


12 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. How did you come to write about this topic? Fantastic poem. And it is true that one never knows what happens in other´s lives to go to the extreme not to want it any more.
    Very sensitive on your side. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. It really came out of the blue!! I started writing about something else, and it just came out this way. No, worries, suicide concerning me is the furthest thing from my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!



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