Happy Veterans Day!


May our Vets always be respected, honored and loved.

May they get the care they need under the new Trump administration.

May they never more be ridiculed and blamed for the faults of the people higher up, as they were in Vietnam.

May we always have a salute ready, and the star-spangled banner within reach, that we may show them we appreciate them.

May the endless wars stop and the killing of our men end.

May Trump use the lives of our men wisely, that we lose a few as possible.

May we start to WIN again!!!

God Bless the Vets!!





4 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day!

    1. We have to finish the job we started, though. If we hadn’t pulled out of Iraq when we did, ISIS wouldn’t exist. We left a void for them to fill. Granted, it was a horrible idea to go there in the first place, but once in, we shouldn’t have come out. What we need to do right now is to put more troops in there, get the job done quickly and efficiently and get our boys home.


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