God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

Last night we, the American people, whose voice has been oppressed for so long, have scored a victory. It is a historic victory. A victory of freedom!!! Once and for all, the leftist establishment and the media have been left speechless by the monster vote: the “uneducated” middle class, the everyday Americans that came out to vote and they said plenty.


Now we have a president we can be proud of! We have a president who will take care of us! We have a president who, God willing, will Make America Great Again!!!!!!


On January 20th, a new era will begin. It will be a struggle. President Trump will be fighting hard and we have to stand with him. I really, really hope that he can get all these corrupt people of the Clinton machine and indict them or at least get them out.

After a very long time, we at last have a vision of hope! A vision of Freedom!!!!! God Bless the Unites States of America and President-elect Trump!!!


Ashley, a Deplorable


4 thoughts on “God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Translation: Beautiful thoughts, full of heart and good wishes.
      Congratulations. I am with you.
      Answer: Muchas gracias, Abuelita! Me alegro que te gustas! (Thank you very much, Abuelita! I am happy that you like it!)



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