A Video, A Message, A Ballot…..

This is a video about Donald Trump. It’s about who he really is. What he really stands for.

What he stands for is YOU.

He’s up there for YOU.

He’s running for YOU.

He’s going to Make America Great Again for YOU.

You gotta get out there and vote!! Go vote for Donald Trump!!!!! If you don’t vote, you are essentially giving a vote to Hillary Clinton. The Clinton voters will get extremely discouraged when they see the massive voting that will happen on November 8th. And they simply won’t vote because they feel that it’s hopeless. That will happen if YOU get out there and vote.

The Clinton machine has to stop. It’s run long enough. It’s a huge bag of corrupt, stinking dirt. Dirt that you don’t even want to see. The hypocrisy, the lies, the slander, the cheating, the robbing, the corruption and the sly ‘look at my clean right hand while I dirty my left’ kind of thinking has to be emptied, examined and judged.  

Trump is guy like you and me. He has a heart. He cares. He really, truly does. He is running this campaign on honesty, integrity and faith. Faith in you and me. Faith that we will get out there and vote for him. Faith that we will give him the chance to help us. Faith that we will give him the chance to Make America Great Again.

What do you have to lose? A day’s trip to the ballot office? A day is a drop in the ocean. You don’t like Trump? Well, do you like Hillary? There is really no alternative, unless you care to vote for someone like Gary Johnson, someone who couldn’t name a current world leader if his life depended on it.

This race is down to two people: Trump and Clinton. Clinton is the establishment, the status quo. Ronald Reagan said, “Status quo is just Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’, you know.” Trump is the anti-Hillary. He represents the people. The nation. What America truly is about.

America was once the land where everyone wanted to go. The American dream, people said. We’re going to go get the American dream. The American dream no longer exists. Or if it does, it’s turned into a nightmare.

Where is the America of back then? Of when you could talk about Islam unfavorably without being called an Islamophobic. Colombia, that gem of the ocean, the home of the brave and the free, is foundering. Leaks have sprung in her hull. Her boards are cracking. Her crew is scattering. Her mast bends and groans, threatening to fall. Her sails hang limp.

Raise the sail, boys! Repair the mast! Repair the ship! Colombia must ride on!!!

Vote, people! Vote!

Ashley, a Deplorable.


21 thoughts on “A Video, A Message, A Ballot…..

  1. At least you are not blind by the lies of Secretary Clinton. If you do not vote at all and have all the requirements to vote, then technically speaking you are voting for her unless something happened that you missed the voting or you simply do not choose because they are both bad. I agree with you, that Trump is the better choice but he’s not the best choice. I am not saying that I could do a better job, but there is someone who could, and that is definitely not Clinton.


    1. Unfortunately, it is. It is hard to believe that FBI director Comey, after seeing the emails has decided not to indict her. But not to worry! Trump will indict her when she gets into office. It’s hard to believe how low we have stooped that now a criminal is allowed to run for president! What happened to the values that George Washington, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin set down for us?


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      1. What happened to the Constitution, our freedom, the laws that took about 700 years to create, the truth, what the 4 fathers stood for, etc.? The government praises, and treats criminals far better than they treat us. I wish that this world was of one heart and one mind, like the City of Enoch.


        1. It is true that Obama released thousands of criminal illegal immigrants free to roam the country. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he treats criminals better than us. But he does treat us pretty badly.

          One heart, one mind. If we vote for Trump, we’re pretty close to that. The whole country united, carrying away the election in a landslide…..a landslide of freedom.



  2. Trump won the election!! I heard that Hilary was stealing some votes from Trump and that the people behind the polls just gave her California and the two other states to her without even reporting.


    1. YES!!! HE WON IT!!! I’m so happy today, you have no idea!

      It’s true that Hillary and her criminal colleagues rigged the election. But they couldn’t rig it enough, thank God! The criminal activities of Hillary Clinton and her plants and blackmailed colleagues are absolutely and disgracefully unbelievable. If they hadn’t rigged this election, Trump would have won it by some 70 or maybe even 80%.

      God Bless the United States!


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