Month: October 2016

A Video, A Message, A Ballot…..

This is a video about Donald Trump. It’s about who he really is. What he really stands for.

What he stands for is YOU.

He’s up there for YOU.

He’s running for YOU.

He’s going to Make America Great Again for YOU.

You gotta get out there and vote!! Go vote for Donald Trump!!!!! If you don’t vote, you are essentially giving a vote to Hillary Clinton. The Clinton voters will get extremely discouraged when they see the massive voting that will happen on November 8th. And they simply won’t vote because they feel that it’s hopeless. That will happen if YOU get out there and vote.

The Clinton machine has to stop. It’s run long enough. It’s a huge bag of corrupt, stinking dirt. Dirt that you don’t even want to see. The hypocrisy, the lies, the slander, the cheating, the robbing, the corruption and the sly ‘look at my clean right hand while I dirty my left’ kind of thinking has to be emptied, examined and judged.   Continue reading “A Video, A Message, A Ballot…..”


The Center of the Earth

The wind tore at my face, nearly ripping my scarf off. Struggling to keep my balance against the raging blizzard, I pushed it roughly back in place. As if trying to boycott my journey, the wind suddenly increased, forcing me to my knees.

Inwardly, I sighed. It was hard to think in a blizzard. I didn’t see any shelter for miles. This was truly a desolate place. But then again, the North Pole was hardly a pleasant place to live in.

My toes were starting to freeze up. And even a thick fur Eskimo suit couldn’t keep out the stinging, icy cold of the northern blizzard. Fighting against the wind, I rose to my feet slowly. My hands stung as I slapped them together in the whirling snow, trying to keep warm. I started walking, slowly, planting my staff in front of me, breasting the wind.

After wandering for what seemed like hours, I sank to my knees. An irrepresible, numbing cold overcame me. This cold was worse than the blizzard. It was the coldness of fear. I let the hard, awful truth sink in. I was lost. Miles from civilization in a region few but the foolhardy would dare to brave. My eyelashes were almost frozen closed. My hands and feet were so numb I couldn’t feel them.

I knew that if I stayed here I would die. If I walked I would also die. I decided to go on. I tried to get to my feet, only to be blown over by a fierce gust. Bowled over, my mouth and eyes full of snow, I felt like cursing. Somehow my mouth seemed thick, too thick for words. Though my senses were numbed, I knew I was freezing to death. Continue reading “The Center of the Earth”

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was the son of King Philip of Macedonia, a kingdom just north of modern-day Greece. As a child he already showed the spark, the daring and the courage which would flame to light as he grew up and became Alexander the Great.

Legend tells of a horse named Bucephalus. A horse that none could train. King Philip was ordering it killed when Alexander intervened. Although only twelve, he offered to try and subdue the horse. Reluctantly, his father agreed.

atgwb Continue reading “Alexander the Great”

Beyond Basic Dominance

In every human, plant and animal, there are two different alleles, one from the father and one from the mother. One allele is dominant, the other is recessive. That’s why you have your mother’s hair instead of your father’s, for example.

But there are exceptions. If you cross a red snapdragon with a white one, for example, you will get pink flowers. That is because both of the alleles are dominant. They combine. This is called Incomplete Dominance.

There is also another kind of dominance. It’s called Codominance. It’s when (let’s stick with flowers) a camellia, like the one below, is two colors. Both alleles are dominant, but instead of combining, they ‘share’ the flower.


It’s not so simple, is it? Basic dominance is only the beginning. Who knows what might be discovered in the future?