2nd Liebster Award: 11 More Facts About Me

Here are 11 more facts about me, a requirement for my second Liebster Award (2 in one day!):

  1. I’m a total nature person.
  2. I have a furry black dog that looks like a bear.
  3. My favorite color is yellow.
  4. When my third (and last) fish died, I held a tiny funeral in the backyard. (I was little then.)
  5. I love talking with people.
  6. I’ll sing Christmas songs anytime of the year.
  7. I’m almost six feet tall (taller than anyone in my family!)
  8. I love wearing shorts, even when it’s somewhat cold outside.
  9. I’m a straight-A student.
  10. A Clark’s Nutracker (a kind of jay) has eaten out of my hand in Yellowstone Park.
  11. I learn all I can about horses so that I can have one when I grow up.




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