The Cyclopes

Some of you may have read the famous epic the Odyssey. It is the recounting of the travels of the king Odysseus as he returns from the war in Troy. Odysseus encountered a giant Cyclops in his travels. This raises a question—were the Cyclopes a civilization? If so, how did they live? What did they make a living on? What did they look like?

The Cyclopes were a race of giants with one eye in the middle of their foreheads. They were the likeness of a man, simply in larger proportions.

It is improbable that they were a civilization, since they lived separately in caves. They could have had contact with each other, but this is unlikely.

They were somewhat cultured—they knew how to raise goats and sheep and how to make cheese, but they did not know how to build or farm, or so we assume. Who knows? They may have had towns hidden deep inside their islands.

So, were the Cyclopes a civilization? You decide.


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