Hector, Prince of Troy

Hector was the prince of Troy, the son of King Priam. He had a wife named Andromache and a son named Scamandrius.

He did whatever his father asked him. He was a great warrior, but at the same time he was deeply religious and peaceful. He was an ‘all-around’ man.

In the Trojan War he led all the Trojans into battle. He killed 31,000 Greeks all by himself!

Then he engaged in the fateful battle with the mighty Greek warrior, the dreaded Achilles. They clashed together, until at last Achilles smote Hector on the ground, dead.

King Priam begged his son’s body from Achilles, so that he might give the beloved prince an adequate burial. After a lot of arguing Achilles finally granted the mourning king’s wish and gave him twelve days to mourn and bury the prince.

Hector was beloved by all of his people and all mourned his passing. He was, in the true sense of the word, a great man.


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