Month: May 2016

So What?

Why is the question “So what?” important when writing an autobiography? If you want to interest the reader, you must consider whether or not the reader will be asking that question. If he will be, then the autobiography needs some work.

When writing an autobiography one has to offer anecdotes, dialogues and instances which are relevant to the general history of the autobiography. It has to be something the reader can understand and hopefully relate to. If it’s an instance that only you understand, then I suggest that you exclude it from your autobiography.

When you write an autobiography, you have to think first and foremost about the reader. The book has to be centralized around the reader. If you write the book for yourself, it’ll never sell well. You have to write stories and dialogue, etc., that draw in and entertain the reader. Continue reading “So What?”



Q: Water is necessary for every known life form. Describe some of the properties of water that make it so critical. Do any of these properties play a role in the structure or function of other molecules that are important to life?

A: Water is one of the three most essential substances; the three that keep us alive: air, food and water. Water has many, many different uses. We use it for drinking and agriculture (irrigation), among many other purposes.

One of water’s main functions is washing. We wash our bodies daily with it, as well as using it to brush our teeth and to do dishes with. But water is also used in the processing and washing of different chemical solutions, etc.

The property that most distinguishes water is its dissolving power. Water dissolves other molecules and certain compounds such as ionic compounds. Of course, there are certain molecules, such as oil, which are hydrophobic, meaning they are “afraid” of water—hydro meaning water and phobic meaning afraid (phobia). They cannot be dissolved. Continue reading “Water”