Month: April 2016

New York

New York is big and very busy.

With scrapers to the sky.

When I go there I get all dizzy

Because the’re so very high.


New York is straight and honest and strong,

It is the eastern gate.

Come all now and join the throng,

It is a turn of fate.


Taxis wheel and weave and twist,

As they charge like cavaliers.

The buses come, they can’t be missed!

As they go through the city’s tiers.  Continue reading “New York”


2016 Election for President

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Solomon Northup-12 Years A Slave

Solomon Northup was a free black man who live in the 1800’s; the time of slavery. He lived in New York State. He had a wife and three children. He also played the fiddle, which would sustain him through the years that were to come.

On account of his fiddle, he was hired one day by two men who took him to Washington to play the fiddle. There he was taken sick (I think he was mildly poisoned) and kidnapped by a slave dealer named Burch. Northup always thought that the two men who had hired him were in cahoots with Burch, but he had no proof.

He was whipped badly the next day when he insisted that he was a free man. He was held in a slave pen across from the Capitol Dome for a few days. He was then shipped down the river on a brig called Orleans along with a woman and her two children and a few other men. Continue reading “Solomon Northup-12 Years A Slave”