Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump was born in June, 1946, to Fred and Mary Trump, owners of the small construction business Elizabeth Trump and Sons. He was the star of the NBC show The Apprentice for many years until he canceled the contract in 2015.

He attended the Wharton School of Business, which is known as the best financial school in the country. He has one of the smartest business minds in America, and he also has a gut feeling about everything he does, which carries him through.

When he graduated he took over the business and changed the name to The Trump Organization.

One of the most famous projects he undertook was the rebuilding of Wollman Rink, a project which New York City had given up. He finished it ahead of schedule and under budget.

He entered the gambling and casino business in Atlantic City in 1988. He made a lot of money, but he suffered a financial decline because he had over $40,000,000 in debt. He managed to squeeze out of a huge financial crisis by filing bankruptcy. This relieved him of the pressure of debt, and he was able to rebuild his finances.

One of Trump’s main ventures is real estate. He inherited the interest from his father, though he always aimed higher. In 2001 he completed the famous Trump Tower, where he currently lives and runs his business from.

Trump is a big figure in the golf business across the world. Whenever he wants to set a non-business date with a friend, he says, “Let’s go golfing.”

He has been involved in sports and beauty pageants such as Miss America and Miss Universe.

He has had three marriages, the two first of which ended in divorce. He is quite happily settled with his third and current wife, Melania Trump. He has five children: Donald J. Trump Junior, Ivanka Trump, who is the vice-president of the Trump Organization, and Erik Trump. All three of these were born to his first wife. He has another daughter who was born with his second wife, and who I do not know the name of. His youngest son, born to Melania, is twelve years old. The three oldest are preparing to share the Trump Organization when their father becomes president.

Speaking of presidency, you probably know that he is the front-runner of the republican field. You may also have noticed that he has seemingly unlimited energy. This characterizes him from the rest of the field, all of which do half the work in twice the time he does.

He is the most unusual candidate you have seen for decades. He is not suavely persuasive like Bill Clinton was, nor does he stutter and blunder like George W. Bush. He is blunt and brash, blatantly saying the truth. He is a hard-core, get-to-the-point no-nonsense kind of guy, which is just the kind of president we need right now.

If anybody but Trump runs against Hillary Clinton, who will be the nominee of the Democrats if she is not indicted, America is lost. But if he runs against her, he will win. He was friends with her before he decided to run for president, and he knows everything about her. He can use valuable information about the Clinton foundation and the Clinton e-mail scandal to beat her.

Donald Trump can win this race. He will win this race. Go Trump!! Make America great again!!!


20 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump

  1. Sounds like a good guy. I think that is interesting that he went it to $40,000,000 in debt!! But the thing is, he went to one of the best financial schools! I also didn’t know that he was running for president! That is cool! Great job on the essay!!


    1. I know. They’ll so anything to get Hillary “Rotten” Clinton elected. I agree, Trump isn’t perfect. Nobody is. But he’s the best candidate that I’ve ever seen. He’s got all the issues right, too.



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