Small Business Or Apprenticeship To A Mentor

Should you start a small business of your own right away, or should you apprentice yourself with a minimum wage to a mentor who can teach you the ins and outs of the business world. You should start a small business if you have perfect confidence in yourself and in your abilities. You should apprentice yourself if you think you need more training, have the knowledge and not the know-how or if you feel you need experience.

A mentor shows you how to run your own business. You get to see firsthand how a business is run, and how it works as a whole. You get to observe ideas and processes. It may make you more successful in the long run. You have to think carefully.

On the other hand, if you have your own business, you are independent and can do as you wish with it. You will have an income coming in that is not minimum wage. You would make and sell you own product and have finance and schedule independence.

If I were to run my own business in the future, I would probably seek out a mentor. I have know-how, but no experience. I have confidence in myself, but not in my planning. I would also need a brilliant idea if I were to run my own.

You can choose a mentor or your own business. It depends on you and your abilities. Remember, if you are deciding to run your own business, the decisions and accounts and responsibility rest totally on you. You alone are responsible whether your business is successful or not.


6 thoughts on “Small Business Or Apprenticeship To A Mentor

  1. Really well written essay. sometimes your business or apprenticeship starts when you start making money by yourself, and when you find/ found out your interest, you get someone or something (like the web) who knows more about what you are interested in, so that they or it can start teaching you more about it. and then you just build up from there.


  2. Tienes las ideas claras. Me alegro. No es fácil empezar un negocio y si tienes alguien que te aconseje, mejor. Muy buen ensayo.


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