The Morality of Work and Wealth

Is it immoral to be wealthy? Is it immoral to be poor? Is it immoral to work? Is it immoral to not work? Morals are set according to a person’s values. In my view, it is not immoral to be wealthy or poor. Situations are such that some can be wealthy, some cannot. If we have a choice, we obviously choose to be wealthy. It is immoral to not work, because then we expect money and help even though we are not working for it.

Again, is it immoral to be wealthy? Again, no. Without material wealth one cannot do very much. Some have to be wealthy to help the poor. That is the way things are. If we all had the same amount of wealth, the same amount of everything, life would be very boring. It would lose its spark and joy.

For example, let’s take a man named Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a very rich business man who sells apparel and shoes. He also manages construction companies. He is very, very wealthy. Currently, he is running for president. If he was not wealthy, he would not be running for president. If he was not wealthy, he would not be able to fund his own campaign, thus losing some of the appeal which gains him valuable voters.

There are many other people, too. Bill Gates, for one. If he was not wealthy, he would not have founded Microsoft. If he had not founded Microsoft, I would not be writing this essay on my computer right now.

Is it right for some to be wealthier than others? Yes. Some work harder than others. They deserve more wealth. If you gave ten million dollars to a street bum, he will most likely spend it in six months and never think of working. Money flies out the window. But if you give it to a hard-working man who may be poor, he will save the money and eke it out little by little and make it last for years. Those who work hardest get the biggest rewards. There is a saying: You snooze, you lose.

What moral limits are there on gaining wealth? Gaining wealth by honest work is moral. Stealing and cheating to gain wealth is not moral. Let’s look at Donald Trump again. He has made his business huge. He employs thousands of workers. He is extremely rich. He has filed bankruptcy a few times to get out of debt, but every successful business man will tell you that he has done the same. He has no black smear charring his record. He has done ‘honest work.’ He has not stolen anything or lied or cheated. He has a clean record.

Wealth is a good thing, if used in the right way. It is a bad thing if used in the wrong way. It is as good or as bad as the man behind it.


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