My Method of Goal-Setting

To organize and keep track of my goals, I use 3″x 5″ note cards and a pen. I keep them loose in a wallet and look at them whenever I need to remind myself of my goals.I use pen and paper versus an electronic app, because I find it handier, and quicker and much easier to manage.

The note cards are divided into three sections. The first is short-term goals, the second is long-term goals and the third one is my financial goals.

Within the short-term goal section there are three cards named “One Month,” “Six Months,” and “One Year.” In the long-term section there are four named “Two Years,” “Three Years,” “Four Years,” and “Five Years.” Inside the financial goal section there are five named “Two Years,” “Four Years,” “Six Years,” “Eight Years” and “Ten Years.”

Within these time brackets I list my goals for the upcoming months and years. I also keep in mind what my very long-term goal will be and that is my job and my calling. I know what they both are, and I know what I want to accomplish. That is my ultimate goal.


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