Kourdakov’s Failed Assignment

Sergei Kourdakov was a Russian who was orphaned at the age of four and who was taken from one cruel dictator-like children’s home to another until he grew up and joined the Naval Academy. He was indoctrinated into Communism. He believed that Communism was good. He believed that Communism was the solution for everything. So, when he was in the Naval Academy he was given the job, although he was only eighteen, of teaching 1,200 cadets about Communism. He did well.

He was recruited into the secret police force, which went around breaking up the meetings of the Believers (Christians) with a brutality terrible to see. He and twenty other men were initiated into this cruel work by first breaking up brawls and drunken fights. Then they were given an assignment in which they were sent to break up a meeting of Believers.

They ‘failed’ the assignment because they were gentle. They captured the men that their boss, Nikiforov, had told them to get. They did not beat up the other Believers. Nikiforov was furious. He ranted and raved at them for hours, indoctrinating them into thinking that the Believers were the worst enemies of the state. They believed him. The next assignment, they were brutal.

Kourdakov and his men had failed because Communism was so twisted and evil. Lenin had written supposed religious freedom yet the police were brutal with the Believers because they hated the peace and love that surrounded the Believers. They wanted complete and brutal Communism.

What they didn’t realize was that Communism could never take over, because there will always be someone, someone who will rally the scared, hiding people who will fight and eventually destroy Communism, because Communism can never work for the people because it is an evil and doomed system which uses cruelty and fear instead of love and justice.

Kourdakov and his men never failed their assignments again. Nikiforov made sure of that. He lectured them until their heads’ spun with the cruel words he spoke about the Believers. They did not misunderstand any more.


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