Why Would Running Your Own Business Guarantee Your Employment in 2030?

Why would running your own business guarantee your employment in 2030? It can guarantee your employment because you cannot be replaced. You have made yourself un-replaceable.  You cannot be replaced by a robot* because you are unique. And your business is unique.

You are the head of your business. You make the choices. You decide who you fire, and who you do not fire, including yourself. You are the employer, not the employee. In that position, you have power. Power over your employees. You are their boss. You can fire them. They cannot fire you. Robots cannot replace you unless you so wish it.

It is your choice. You can make your own business, thereby guaranteeing your employment in 2030 by the reasons listed above, or you can choose to be an employee. As an employee you can never be sure of your employment, because you are not the ‘top dog.’ Your boss can fire you, no matter how valuable you are. As boss, you can never be fired, unless you so wish it.

*Scientists believe that robots will someday take over all the jobs. I do not believe that they ever can or will. There are certain things that robots cannot do. I will cover this in a future essay.



  1. I totally agree with you. I don´t believe robots could do certain things. Where would creativity go? They can only do certain jobs in a “chain” work.
    Anyway, I do not like so much robots, no matter what.
    Very good essay. I will read more if you develop this subject.


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