Lady Jane Grey: Chapter XII

It is two years later. The scene is peaceful. The same scene that we had beheld in the beginning of the story now greets our eyes like an old friend. We look upon the same pastures. We see the same fences, the same sheep, and the same castle. Only now, instead of Lady Jane ruling it, it is ruled over by Sir Robert and Lady Jenny. They were married when Lady Jane came out of hiding, and they now have a little son, who is rapidly growing. Sir Terence, Nan, and the other servants have stayed on the estate at Lady Jane’s request.

But where is Lady Jane? She is married to Sir Alfred and is very happy there. She hardly misses her old lands, but she goes to visit Robert and Jenny very often for she still considers them akin to children, even though they were only her wards.

As for James, he has taken up work in a top position on Sir George’s new estates. He is getting along fine. Now a well-built lad of eighteen, he has lost none of his taste for adventure.

Through hardship and sorrow, joy and forgiveness, Lady Jane has lived through her trials. She has defeated her enemy, brought peace once again to Aurora valley, and has shown that no matter the odds, one can always succeed.


                                                       THE END


2 thoughts on “Lady Jane Grey: Chapter XII

    1. Thanks! Within the next couple of weeks I will hopefully be posting the rest of The Dive. Due to a contest I am entering it in, I am not sure about publishing rights. Perhaps I will even start another story soon. It depends on how busy I am.


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