Lady Jane Grey: Chapter XI

Now that an open move had been made against Sir George, this noble knight decided to lay a formal complaint before the governor. This was accordingly done and, a week later, armed riders were sent to Dudley Cummings’ house to arrest him. Upon arriving there, however, they found the house deserted, except for a few servants. These divulged that Sir Dudley had journeyed north and was almost across the northern border by now.

Alarmed, the riders turned their steeds north and galloped on through the day and into the night. Changing horses at the last outpost, they galloped on and reached the river Stakiro, which marked the edge of the region. There, from a poor fisherman, they learned that Dudley Cummings and his retinue had drowned trying to cross the icy river in a storm.

When the governor learned that Sir Cummings had drowned he was greatly relieved that he wouldn’t have him on his hands and that Lady Jane Grey would be safe from any further assault.

A speedy messenger was at once dispatched to break the news to Lady Jane. She sent him back with a return message, which went thus:

Dear Governor,

I am indeed relieved to learn that my oppressor and the oppressor of my cousin is gone forever. I will be returning soon, and with a little surprise for you. Do not worry about any special ceremony or anything like that.  We will be back within the next two weeks, but I will not resume the command over my estates at the end of that time.


                            Lady Jane Grey


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