How Can You Control Small Expenses?

Do you find yourself short of cash? Most teenagers do. Some will budget their expenses, control small spending and save for bigger ideas.

If you are part of the majority, here’s what you should do:

  1. Cut down on impulse spending
  2. Cut down on small expenses like fast food, music and apps

These are two key points. It is also important to set yourself a monthly or weekly budget and stick to it. It is hard. You will make it.

Also, try to spread out small items over various paychecks. That will consume less money in a short space of time and spread it out longer, so that you will have more ready cash.

Try to limit or omit expenses that are not absolutely necessary, like chewing gum, fancy leg warmers, etc. If you follow these methods, you are sure to have more cash on hand, and thus will be able to save more money.


4 thoughts on “How Can You Control Small Expenses?

  1. Those are good tips. The next step is to make a budget. When you plan where to spend your money, you are less likely to have the curious case of ‘magic currency’; as in, the money performs the diasppearing trick. Disappearing currency is what happens, guaranteed, without a plan; the money just gets spent anyway and you never have a clue where it went. Magic. 🙂


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