Month: August 2015

The Dive: Chapter I

My breath came in sharply as I sped across the waters of the Atlantic in the predawn mists. The salty breeze had a whiff of excitement with it, as if it, too, was glad to be out in the early morning. In the bottom of my skiff, the Sunshine, was my face mask, an oxygen tank, an anchor a life jacket and a water bottle.

I came to an isolated spot. I turned off the engine and threw down the anchor. There’s nothing like the sea in the early morning, with the salty tang sharp in your nostrils. This morning was really still. The waves were sheets of glass, rolling, breaking, forming and breaking again. I put on my oxygen lungs, my flippers and my face mask and flipped overboard.

Underneath the surface of the water a whole new world opened up. Gorgeous coral reefs and elegant fans waved in the current, stretching as far as the eye could see. Shafts of sunlight danced and pierced the underwater gloom as the sun rose, while shoals of multi-colored fish swam like synchronized ballet dancers.

As I swam along, letting the currents take me where they would, I saw a dark, hulking shape off to my right. I tore free of the currents and swam over a lumbering old sea turtle crusted with barnacles. Coming closer, I saw a shipwreck, which showed signs of having sunken in a naval battle. Continue reading “The Dive: Chapter I”


My Watch

My watch is big and beautiful,

With jewels along the band.

The face is pearl with gold inlaid,

And it’s made in Italy.

The buckle is big, with diamonds around,

It represents the West.

To read the time is now a pleasure,

For every time I look,

I see the big, new, beautiful watch,

And my heart goes lickety-split.

The Bear

The bear is chomping in the meadow

As he lumbers through the grass.

He is on his way to fish the creek

For the salmon runs of old.

As he splashes through the water

He spies another grizzly bear ahead.

He roars a challenge, then charges strong

Determined to claim his rightful spot.

Growls and roars rent through the air

As they swing with left and right.

Then one backs down; he’s had enough

The other wins his spot.