The Glen

The glen is small

With a little pond

The trees turn yellow in the fall

Waving like a ferny frond.


The beauty of nature

Reigns supreme

We all have beauty, I am sure

Even unto the elvish queen.


The flowers bloom and blossom

They have a goodly fragrance

I hold them to my bosom

As I sing and dance.



16 thoughts on “The Glen

      1. holy moly. a college course when you were ten? You must be a genius.

        I really like this poem. It has a magical sort of calm to it. If it went on for a hundred pages I wouldn’t have stopped reading it. Thank you.


        1. You’re welcome. My dad watered the course down quite a bit, and I’m kinda used to that stuff. I grew up wanting to be ahead. I am two years ahead in school and I always believed that if you push yourself you can do anything. Thank you for the comment!


          Liked by 1 person

          1. It must be awesome knowing your going to get out of school early. 🙂 and I agree that when you push yourself, nearly anything is possible. You should totally get your stories (and poems!) uploaded in the RPC writing club. The people on there are very nice.


          2. It is awesome. I’m trying that out right, now actually. I left a comment on the RPC writing club about posting a story. I have to see the outcome. By the way, how old are you? I’m thirteen.



          3. Yah, that would be great for you to get your stories uploaded on there! And like seriously, the poems to! omg, I wish I could write poems like that. We need more members. 🙂 I’m fifteen and have been doing RPC for about a year now but have been home schooled my entire life.


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