Revenge in World War II

In what ways did revenge manifest itself in the countries fighting in World War II?

Revenge played a major role in the ending months of the war. All of the countries, especially those who were invading, had some sort of revenge towards the other countries they were fighting. One example is Russia. The Soviets invaded Germany and committed horrible atrocities towards civilians. This was their misguided revenge for the time when the Germans invaded Russia.

Revenge was not limited to the Germans and the Soviets. The Allies also exhibited revenge towards their enemies. They committed atrocities too, though they were not as bad or extreme as the one the Soviets perpetrated.

There is always some sort of revenge in war. Each side wishes to revenge himself against the other.

I would like to include a quote from the lesson which I find somewhat humorous:

“Reply from American General Anthony McAuliffe to the German demand for surrender at Bastogne, Dec.1944: ‘Nuts!'”


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