Three Engineering Fields

Engineering is a very broad topic. There are many different fields under the ‘engineer’ canopy. A few of these are:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Robotics engineering
  • Systems engineering

Electrical engineering deals with electricity, technology and materials to create new objects such as microchips. Electrical engineers work in a range from a tiny computer chip to a wind turbine.  All the technology that is connected with electronics is made by the electrical engineers, from the personal computer to the high-tech machines in an emergency room.

Chemical engineers use chemicals, biology, physics, energy, and components to create new materials. Their technology ranges from designing a new metal for an airplane wing, creating a synthetic rubber for a bouncy-ball, or discovering a new chemical formula.

Robotics engineering is the science of designing and building robots to take over jobs that come under the triple D heading: Dirty, Dangerous or Degrading. Like major welding projects or large scale belt sanding. Robots require many different engineers to put them together. Electrical engineers make the ‘brains,’ mechanical engineers design the arm, and the robotics engineer designs the whole thing.

These fields, along with Systems engineering, interest me the most out of the major engineering fields.


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