Q&A from Lesson 140

  1. Did World War II become more brutal as time went on?

Yes, World War II did become more brutal as time went on. There were very, very brutal killings on the part of the Germans, especially the incident of the Holocaust, in which millions of Jews and other harmless civilians were killed un-necessarily.

  1. In what ways?

In the way mentioned above, by the Germans. There were many, many needless bombings of cities and the superfluous killing of citizens all over Europe and America.

  1. Was the brutality on only one side?

No, there were the brutalities mentioned above committed on both sides, the Allies and the Germans. All the countries, really, took part in these horribly murderous means of exterminating their enemies.

Such were the conditions in World War II that it came to a point where men in the German Secret Service (SS) didn’t care anymore how many people they killed or how. It made no impression on them anymore. Men all over were going insane. And it’s no small wonder why.



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