Hi Hitler!

Adolf Hitler was the founder of the movement called the Nazis, a name derived from the German word version of the word ‘national.’ He became a dictator in 1933, and ended his tyrannical reign in 1945.

At the time of Hitler, the old German Republic was renamed Weimar Germany. It was the base on which Hitler was able to plan and carry out his political takeover plans.

Hitler was born in the German-speaking part of Austria-Hungary in 1889. His father was a lower middle-class citizen. He died when his son was still small. Hitler’s mother had cancer, and so she traveled with her son to Vienna for treatment. She died there, leaving Hitler orphaned while only an adolescent.

He was able to live on his inheritance and on a living made by painting postcards. Hitler, from an early age, was a part of the anti-Semitism movement (anti-Jew). Hitler moved to Germany just before World War I, whether from predesigned plots, or instinctual impulse, we do not know.

In World War I, he was a corporal, and never made it past that rank. He fought in the Western trenches, but was gassed and put in a hospital for the rest of the war.

After World War I he continued in the army, which at the time was investigating all groups who were not completely German, because they were suspicious after the treaties made against them in the Paris Peace Conference. That was how the NSDAP was founded. The NSDAP was a group of national socialists founded by Hitler. Through this group Hitler was able to take over.

In 1933 Hitler won the elections and became a German dictator. There were numerous changes and innovations that he did to the government, which are listed below:

  • The creation of a one-party state.
  • The rearmament of the Germans, which had been forbidden in the treaties of the Paris Peace Conference.
  • The Nuremburg Laws, which excluded the Jews from German nationalism.
  • The T4 program, which involved killing the congenitally handicapped people, and other ‘useless eaters.’ This gives you a good idea of the cruelty of Hitler.

Because Hitler was a part of the anti-Semitist movement, he was unnecessarily cruel towards the Jews. This resulted in what is known as Kristallnacht. This involved the destroying of shops and warehouses and the killing of over a thousand Jews. On top of this, the Jews were made to pay for all the damages.

Hitler rearmed the Rhineland, which was forbidden in the Paris Peace Conference treaties.

Furthermore, there was what is known as the Anschluss, in which Germany re-united with Austria, which had been separated from them by the Allies (Britain, France, Italy, Russia, and the US).

Hitler may have been a good leader, but he certainly was a very, very cruel man.


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