Month: June 2015

Revenge in World War II

In what ways did revenge manifest itself in the countries fighting in World War II?

Revenge played a major role in the ending months of the war. All of the countries, especially those who were invading, had some sort of revenge towards the other countries they were fighting. One example is Russia. The Soviets invaded Germany and committed horrible atrocities towards civilians. This was their misguided revenge for the time when the Germans invaded Russia.

Revenge was not limited to the Germans and the Soviets. The Allies also exhibited revenge towards their enemies. They committed atrocities too, though they were not as bad or extreme as the one the Soviets perpetrated.

There is always some sort of revenge in war. Each side wishes to revenge himself against the other.

I would like to include a quote from the lesson which I find somewhat humorous:

“Reply from American General Anthony McAuliffe to the German demand for surrender at Bastogne, Dec.1944: ‘Nuts!'”


A Story From Arabia

The bustle and shouts of the market place in midday rivaled the menagerie of the sultan. One man pushed his way through the crowd. His name was Ralph Coster. He was an American, journeying to Arabia.
He was elbowing his way through the crowd when a herald rode up. The noise ceased. The herald announced that the princess was approaching. All people left the street. One man only did not leave. He hid behind one of the deserted stalls.

The quiet was shattered by the din of trumpets. An elephant was seen approaching, carrying on its back the most beautiful maiden between the seas. Ralph felt his heart leap. In his excitement he knocked against a basket. The princess noticed the sudden movement, and descried among the shadows the figure of a man. Suddenly, a shaft of sunlight fell upon his face. She gasped. For these two it was honest-to-goodness love at first sight.

Ralph knew that he had to carry her away or he would die of love for her. So that night, after sunset, he crept into her palace, and made his way into her apartments. He ran to her, and carried her away.
Ralph and Marjanah were married that night. They hid in the desert, riding their horses and enjoying every moment they had together. Then, after a month had passed, the sultan discovered that his daughter was missing. He sent out riders to find them. One rider came in sight of them and fired an arrow. Cruelly aimed, it struck Marjanah, tearing through her thin sari and wounding her. Ralph pulled her off her horse onto his, and then galloped away, and the rider lost sight of them. Continue reading “A Story From Arabia”

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was the attack on the American Pacific fleet that was anchored in Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu in Hawaii by the Japanese air force on December 7, 1941.

The entire fleet was bombed by the planes, and all the naval men were taken by surprise, but the soldiers acted with great courage, audacity and coolness under the conditions. The end result was 20,000 men either killed or captured.

The attack was wanted by Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was the officiating president. The Secretary of the Navy, after bringing the news of Pearl Harbor to FDR said this: “His face went white as a sheet. He had expected to get hit, but not to get hurt.”

There is controversy over whether or not FDR knew the Japanese were coming, whether he had pre-arranged it, or whether he was completely ignorant of the situation. There is evidence that he knew the Japanese were coming, and he planted the fleet under their noses in the hopes that they would attack. Like most North-Easterners, he doubted that an ‘inferior race’ like the Japanese could inflict much damage on him. He was just looking for an excuse to enter the war. Continue reading “Pearl Harbor”

Three Engineering Fields

Engineering is a very broad topic. There are many different fields under the ‘engineer’ canopy. A few of these are:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Robotics engineering
  • Systems engineering

Electrical engineering deals with electricity, technology and materials to create new objects such as microchips. Electrical engineers work in a range from a tiny computer chip to a wind turbine.  All the technology that is connected with electronics is made by the electrical engineers, from the personal computer to the high-tech machines in an emergency room. Continue reading “Three Engineering Fields”

Q&A from Lesson 140

  1. Did World War II become more brutal as time went on?

Yes, World War II did become more brutal as time went on. There were very, very brutal killings on the part of the Germans, especially the incident of the Holocaust, in which millions of Jews and other harmless civilians were killed un-necessarily.

  1. In what ways?

In the way mentioned above, by the Germans. There were many, many needless bombings of cities and the superfluous killing of citizens all over Europe and America.

  1. Was the brutality on only one side?

No, there were the brutalities mentioned above committed on both sides, the Allies and the Germans. All the countries, really, took part in these horribly murderous means of exterminating their enemies.

Such were the conditions in World War II that it came to a point where men in the German Secret Service (SS) didn’t care anymore how many people they killed or how. It made no impression on them anymore. Men all over were going insane. And it’s no small wonder why.



The e-mail is a fast and important means of communication.  Person A can contact Person B across the ocean using the Internet.

E-mail is the most common form of communication on the Internet. It is coded and un-coded as it traverses the distance and goes through the process which is illustrated below.527px-Email.svg

Alice at sends an e-mail to Bob at To get there, the e-mail first goes through a the Submission Protocol ( which sends it to the Domain Name System for domain name verification, which sends it back to the Submission Protocol, which gives it to the Message Transfer Agent ( which gives it to Bob. That is the process of the e-mail.