What Were The Main Points Guiding The Diplomats at The Congress of Vienna?

The major principles guiding the diplomats at the Congress of Vienna were stability and peace. They didn’t want another French Revolution. They wanted peace and equality, even if it meant that some smaller countries would be unhappy. For example, Belgium was forced to join with the Netherlands to make one country, even when Belgium didn’t want to.

There were three more main points that made it into document form, not just ideas. These were legitimacy, equality of power and compensation. Legitimacy meant that the royal family, such as the Bourbons in France, was and was only legitimate for France. No other person or family could rule. He would not be recognized.

Equality of power meant that all countries had to have relatively the same amount of power. No country could amass enough power to create another French Revolution.

Compensation meant that if some territory was taken, then the country would be compensated with some other territory.

These were the main principles in the Congress of Vienna.


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