The Abolition of Slavery

Slavery, according to historians, has been with the world for countless ages. Slaves have worked in the mines of South America, they have worked in North American plantations and any other industry all over the world.

The African slave trade was a major occupation of all the countries of Europe. These slave trades were horrifying. The slaves were kept in terrible, close quarters. In such close spaces epidemics spread rapidly, and sometimes over half of the slaves and sailors died on the voyages.

The slave trade had a big ‘oomph’ when the New World was discovered. Many slaves were needed to work the gold mines. After that, when the colonies in the north were founded, the slaves were sold there. They were sold all over Europe.

Some people wanted to abolish slavery. They started putting out ideas in order to gradually bring about the general public to their way of thinking.

In England the Quakers were thoroughly against slavery, but most people considered them erratic in everything, so they paid them no heed. William Wilberforce was a man who fought slavery vehemently. He played a key role in establishing a law that abolished slavery in England.

The end of the slave trade was brought about by three ways of thinking.

  1. Natural rights
  2. Humanitarian thinking
  3. Economic reasoning

In Brazil there were slave revolts and runaways. Eventually slave-free zones spread throughout Brazil, encompassing the entire country.

All countries eventually abolished slavery. Some did it quicker than others, some as late as 1888, some as early as 1842. But all the slaves did indeed get their freedom from the long-standing slave mania.


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