Abraham to Moses

The line of descendants from Abraham, the founder of the twelve tribes of Israel, to Moses, the deliverer of the descended Israelites, can be traced throughout history as one of the longest family lines in history.

Abraham lived in Chaldea with his father, wife and family. After Abraham moved to Haran due to business matters, God appeared to him and told him to rise up and take his wife and depart for Canaan, the land of milk and honey. So Abraham did as God told him and took his wife Sarah, his nephew Lot and his closest kin and traveled to Canaan.

When he reached Canaan he settled down on one part and Lot settled on another with his wife and two daughters. There God told Abraham that he would be the father of nations and that he would cause Sarah to have a son. Sarah was ninety years old, but was still able to bear a son due to God’s grace. His grateful parents named him Isaac, meaning gift from God.

As the ultimate test of faith, Abraham was told by God to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham, his heart breaking, did as he was told. As he was about to deliver the deathblow, an angel stopped his hand. Abraham was the most joyful man on earth because he did not have to kill his son.

Isaac, when he came of age, got married to Rebecca. Together they had twin sons, Esau and Jacob. Esau, because he was born first by a few seconds, claimed the birthright, which was the passing down of the father’s property and a blessing.

Jacob wanted the birthright. He was determined to get it. Esau, on the other hand, did not value it. Esau traded the important birthright to Jacob in exchange for an unimportant bowl of lentil soup.

Then Jacob tricked Isaac into giving him the blessing by dressing up as Esau. When Esau learned of this, he was mad. He threatened to kill Jacob and Jacob had to flee.

Jacob fled to the house of his uncle Laban. There, in exchange for fourteen years of service, he married both of Laban’s daughters: Leah and Rachel. Leah, in time, bore him ten sons and Rachel bore him two.

Jacob was determined to make peace with his brother, so he went back to his homeland with his family. He met his brother, made peace and settled down.

Jacob’s favorite son was Joseph, Rachel’s firstborn. His brothers were jealous of all the attention and favor that their younger step-brother was getting, and so they sold him into slavery.

After a long journey in the desert, Joseph got to Egypt. There, after changing masters and spending time in prison due to a false accusation, he was called to the court of Pharaoh to interpret a dream the Egyptian king had had. The dream predicted seven years of plenty and seven years of famine according to Joseph’s interpretation.

Pharaoh appointed him to oversee the storing of grain for the seven years of famine. Joseph became second only to Pharaoh.

When Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt he revealed himself to them. He invited his entire family to come to Egypt and stay there. The Pharaoh consented and the Israelites came to Egypt and settled down.

After Joseph died, the next Pharaoh enslaved the Hebrews, who toiled to build the Pharaoh’s temples and palaces until a special baby was born.

Moses was born to Hebrew parents just when Pharaoh ordered all the baby boys to be killed because he feared the prophecy of the deliverer. Moses’ mother, fearing for his life, put him in the river in a basket. The princess found him, spared his life and raised him as a prince of Egypt.

Moses was naturally sympathetic for his own people. One day he killed an Egyptian overseer who was beating a Hebrew cruelly. Fearing the king’s wrath, he fled to the desert.

There Moses married a woman named Zipporah and they had two sons. After some time, Moses saw God in the form of a burning bush. God told Moses to go back to Egypt and free the people. Moses believed and accepted, and he left for Egypt.

Moses freed the people after God inflicted ten plagues on the people of Egypt and their king through him. He led them into the wilderness and they went towards the Red Sea. There Moses parted the Red Sea and they journeyed towards Canaan, the Promised Land.

Moses went up Mount Sinai and there, after forty days of talking with God, received the Ten Commandments. Meanwhile, down at the foot of the mountain, the people were worshipping a golden calf, thus deliberately turning their backs on Moses and on God. When Moses came down the mountain and saw that the people had turned their backs on God, he cast the tablets on the rock in anger.

The people saw their error. When Moses went back up the mountain to get a second set of commandments, they employed themselves in making something which God had told them to do, thus being obedient. Under the direction of Aaron and a young man named Bezeleel, they built the house of the commandments: the Ark of the Covenant.

Because of their mistake, the people wandered in the wilderness for forty years until the last of that generation had died. Moses, because he had struck the rock to get water in anger, was not allowed to go into the Promised Land. He was only allowed to observe it from a distance. After handing the leadership of the people to Joshua, a proven general, he went up the mountain and passed away.

This is a brief history of the line of descendants from Abraham to Moses.


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