What Has More Value, Something That You Buy or Something That You Make?

It is true that what you work for is far more valued than something that comes to you easily. If you buy an object, fine, you’re happy. But if you make an object you’re way happier than if you had bought it.

If you buy an old car and take it to a shop they will fix it for you and you’ll be happy. But if you take the car home and fix it up yourself it’s way more satisfactory than if you had someone else fix it for you.

The bottom line is: What you make with your own hands is far more valuable, especially in your eyes, than something you bought.

Take the early pioneers. They built their homes with their own hands. They cut their own wood and grew their own food. When they saw bread on the table they were proud of it because they knew they had made it.

What you come by easily is not half as valuable as something that you make yourself.

Let’s say you buy a new toy. Then you make yourself a toy. The toy that you made is way more beautiful in your eyes than the toy that you bought.

In carpentry a carpenter is much happier with his table or chair than a table of chair that came to him easily. I have worked with wood with my dad and I know that it is much more gratifying to know that you put your time and energy into it than if you had bought that table or chair.

I go with my dad to get firewood in the mountains and I know that it is much better to get up there and drag those logs onto the trailer than it is to buy firewood.

Thomas Paine was very near the truth when he said “That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only which gives everything its value.”

A plant that grows under your loving care and which flourishes and blossoms in full health is very beautiful. If a nursery has the same plant you say, “oh, nice plant,” and walk on. Then you come home and see your own plant and you say, “Look how beautiful my plant is! Look how healthy and strong it looks!” And you are very proud of it.

So, to wrap up, what you make with your own hands becomes something which is more valuable and beautiful than something you could every buy.


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