The Farthest I’ve Been From Home

The farthest I’ve ever been from home is Grand Teton National Park. It’s a four hour drive from where I live in Montana.

Normally my family and I get up early and by the time everything is packed and ready it’s twelve o’clock and we leave.

What we pack consists of:

  • Enough food for an entire day and more
  • Backpacks for each person carrying individual items
  • Swim gear

Naturally, by the time we get in it’s, well, a little crowded with the six of us, even in our big Toyota Sequoia, to put it mildly.

The total driving time, as I mentioned before, is approximately four hours. It’s a one hour drive from my house to Yellowstone Park. And then it’s another two hour drive through Yellowstone, and then we finally get to the Tetons. Then it’s another hour to get to the lakes, and by that time my little sister and brother (2 and 4) are practically climbing up the walls of the car.

The lake we normally go to is Coulter Bay. We swim there and have fun or just wade around the edges and gather pretty pebbles.

Then, after many very saaad good-byes, we head for home in the dark.

Once, when we stopped in Yellowstone on our way to the Tetons, a Clark’s Nutcracker bird flew down from a tree and sat on my hand while I gave it a puffed cheese chip. I thought that was pretty cool.

Overall, I love going to the Tetons.


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