My House

My house is a two-story, not too small, not too large habitation. It is located in Montana and it is situated in a quiet street in the outskirts of town.

You enter the front door and come into a spacious living room. Right next to the door is a large stone fireplace. Beyond that are two chairs and a couch cozily arranged around a wall-table on which stands a small television.

Directly in front of you is a ruby-red rug with an elliptical exercise machine on it. Next to that is the telephone. To your left is the dining room. A large, dark rectangular table surrounded by white chairs is positioned under a large ceiling lamp.

Beyond that is a small kitchen. It contains a stove, two sinks, a dishwasher, a small table on which stands a water filter, and a larger table which usually is cluttered up by temporary items.

In-between the exercise machine and the dining area is a large doorway covered by curtains. Passing through these you find yourself in a not-to-narrow hallway which has four doors leading from it. To the right, lining the wall, are three guitars and a picture.

The doorway on the far left leads to the master bedroom. It is spacious, with a king-size bed and its own personal bathroom. The next door leads to the main bathroom. The third door takes you into the little children’s bedroom. Two toddler beds, a dresser and a tall white shelf complete the furnishings.

The last door is the older girls’ (me and my sister’s) bedroom. Two twin beds are decorated by customized bedding. Two headboard shelves are full of books and a lamp each. Another long, white shelf is placed next to the closet.

As you exit to the garage through a door from the kitchen you find yourself in a mudroom with dark blue carpet (the rest of the upstairs part of the house has wood floors.) Four steps down is the large garage, half of which serves as a tool bench and workshop. The door to the backyard leads to an unfinished patio with a fence and landscaping around it. To the right is a play-set for the little children, including a tower, slide and swing-set. Four large pine trees, two small pear trees, one large apple tree complete the landscape.

Back inside the house, you see a pocket door leading to the basement. Twelve steps take you down. A narrow hallway heads off into five doors. The first leads to the laundry/pantry room. The second leads into my father’s office. The third leads to another bathroom. The fourth leads to the heating room and the fifth to a long living space. A ping-pong table, a TV set, and numerous remodeling equipment add color to the unfinished floor and walls. Another door off that leads to the temporary school room. Two desks with computers complete the sparse furnishing.

So, that’s it for my house. Not too fancy, not too plain. Just a perfect, average, small town house, perfect for an average, small town family.


Tell me what you think!

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