My Hobbies

Below are listed some of my hobbies. Because I do not have one hobby, I wrote about many, so enjoy!

My first hobby is reading. I read a lot of books. I read at least an hour a day, sometimes all afternoon! I read ‘good’ books, meaning I read classic books like Around the World in Eighty Days. One of my favorite authors is a man named G.A. Henty. Henty was in the Crimean War, and he used that information to write his books. As a result, all of his books have some battles in them. Most of them are about wars anyway.

I also like playing ping-pong. I play with my dad mostly, though sometimes my mom or sister will play with me. Did you know that ping-pong was invented by the British? It was originally played with corks and cigar-boxes. The British used these sounds to describe the game: “wiff-waff, wiff-waff”.

Oil painting is another of my hobbies. I study from a man named Bob Ross through DVD’s.

I also love writing. I typically write stories as a hobby, but my family says that I’m also very good at writing essays for school. Most of the stories I write are about a character named the Lone Ranger. He lived in the early days of the West, though it is uncertain that he lived or if he was just a legend.

A few years ago I took a course with my dad from a college book that taught writing. There I and my sister learned how to pre-write, a skill that is very important in good writing.


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